Roccascalegna (CH) Abruzzo , Italia

About me

Hi , I’m a software developer living in a small town in Abruzzo (Italy) and together with my 8 years old french mastiff we enjoy long  mountain walks in this beautiful italian region.

I graduated from the University of L’Aquila in computer science in 2012 and since that I’ve worked as web application developer for various companies and using multiple technologies. During that period I took also a Master in Web Technologies (postgraduate diploma), from the University of L’Aquila, that gave me a strong background in the design and development of web based software. 

I have a strong interest for the web, from design and development to social and viral marketing campaigns, but my main focus is on mobile and web application development. Particularly I’m always looking for tools , technologies , patterns and practices that make life easier.  I am fascinated by how the right workflow makes the difference in bringing speed and quality to the development process, but I also think that what really matters is in the developer’s mind.

In this blog I want to collect and share all my reflections , notes and tools for web and mobile development.

Thank you for visiting!





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